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Join us to learn from our amazing Keynote Speakers & Role Model Panel

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"Improving the awareness and resources to young females  regarding education & career options in STEAM and Skill Trades by collaborating with all interested parties."

2021 Summit Replay

2021 Summit Role Models

Get inspired by our Role Modes:

Julia Deane

3rd Year Major in Mathematics and Chemistry / Education

Emma Pownall

Master of Science in Psychology specializing in Neuroscience

Emma Kaszecki

Environmental and Life Sciences Ph.D. program
Tania-Joy Bartlett

Master Electrician, Heavy Equipment Operator, 4th term

Carpentry Apprentice
Tafan Ali

Electrical Engineer, Post-Graduate Certificate in Mechatronics

Kristen Butera

2022   Summit Agenda


9:45 Welcoming Remarks & Land Acknowledgement

10:00 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jane Heffernan

10:30 Break

10:45 Video Introductions to Trent University and Fleming College

11:00 Role Model Panel

11:50 Closing Remarks & Mentor Monday Announcement

12:00 End of Session

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