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Cassandra Nelson

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Cassandra Nelson!

Help Desk Analyst -
Ross Memorial Hospital

I am a recent computer engineering technology graduate from Fleming College. In my last year of studies, I successfully gained employment at Ross Memorial Hospital as a Help Desk Analyst. While in school my favourite part was learning app development. Now that
I am working in my field I get to learn and use this code daily. It is so amazing to see something you were once learning in a classroom applied in real life. My favourite part of work is being able to help people through a frustrating issue. The smile at the end of a rough problem brightens my day. As someone who previously went in knowing very little about computers, I completely understand how exasperating technology can be. Although my love for computers and coding has grown, I was not always in this field.
I started out at Queen's University in biology and graduated with a degree and a lack of direction. After spending two years as an apprentice electrician, while trying to find a job in my field, I developed a love for circuits and technology. I decided that even though I had already gone through school once, I would be happier pursuing something I truly had a passion for rather than looking for a job I didn't have my heart set on. The field of computers is always evolving and creating amazing products that blow my mind, I am excited to see where this new future will take me.

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